Enjoy Fresh & Tasty Vegetarian Food in Halifax – Order from AAP Restaurant

Are you one the hunt to find a restaurant serving fresh and tasty vegetarian food in Halifax? Well, your search can come to a delicious end with AAP Restaurant. Serving Nova Scotians for almost a decade, we’re considered as one of the best vegetarian and vegan food restaurants in Halifax.


If you’re a vegan or follow a vegetarian diet, AAP Restaurant is the perfect destination for you. Satisfy your tastebuds with the tastiest vegetarian delicacies in the city. No matter what kind of taste your heart craves, you can always find the perfect dishes at our restaurant.


So, if you’re in the mood to eat out and wish to try some veggie delights, we’re happy to serve you freshly prepared delicacies.

Dine-in at AAP Restaurant – Authentic Indian & Thai Vegetarian Food in Halifax

If follow a vegan lifestyle and love to try different dishes from different parts of the world, the AAP Restaurant is the place fr you. Serving authentic Indian and Thai delicacies for almost a decade, you can always find the flavours you crave. We truly believe that good food can move a person and that is all we try to do with what we serve.


We’ve been serving tasty and fresh vegetarian food in Halifax for a long time and slowly built up a reputation of being a premier choice. Our aim has always been to serve quality food which has also helped us to become a top vegan food restaurant in Halifax.


If you’re in search of a notch vegan food restaurant in Halifax to host a party or an office meeting, AAP Restaurant can be the perfect location. We provide complete assistance in planning and organising a fine night for your guests to enjoy.

Order from the Best Vegan Food Restaurant in Halifax – AAP Restaurant

If you’re in the mood to try some vegetarian delights in Halifax with friends or family, simply walk-in or order takeaways from AAP Restaurant. We’re happy to serve you meals that touches the soul. Call now to book a table or place takeaway orders.